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Suits are the most important element of a man's wardrobe arsenal. Suits are the modern day versions of shiny armors, which are mostly worn on formal occasions. Every man should own at least one quintessential piece of suit. Men's suits became part of pop culture in 1900's and after that it was made a staple attire for formal events. Men's suits are mostly tailored according to an individual's choice. With the passing years, suits are not just restricted to the tuxedo and blazers for men but have assumed a longer fashion statement. On Jumia Market Nigeria, you will find an ostentatious new collection of suits every time you log on. Today men's fashion has been revolutionized with the incredible designer suits, which comes in different colors, texture, cuts and fits. Suits today are not boring instead are the fashion statement and can make the women shy of their glittery gowns. With the effective dressed up suit, you can leave a long and spell binding impression. With brands like David Wej, Frank Muller, Giorgio Armani and Gucci, there is certainly a lot in store. The suits have gained such popularity and appreciation that today they are not restricted only to the black tie or high end formal events but they can be also worn on the casual occasions with which a person can maintains low but impactful profile. After all these good reasons to have a suit, men sometimes get confused on how important they are and how to pull them off according to different occasions, thanks to the stereotype myths about suits which restrict them to once in a year outing out of the closet. If you do a proper homework before buying a suit, it can be your triumph card for every occasion.

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Dressing up in a suit can be a quest for the first timers or rare user but to perfect it to the fullest, just you just need to make a mental note of few points. The very first step a person should undertake while buying a men's suit is that, he must make alterations in it, in accordance to his body frame. Loose and unfitted suits look untidy and ruin the grace of the entire appearance. The second thing to keep in mind is that a person must select the texture and color complementing his overall look, as the suit texture and color which has suited to your find, may not be a good choice for you to go with. The cut of the suit also has a great significance on the suit, there are several cuts for the suits, these cuts helps you to distinguish your suit from another person's and also adds a dash of bling in the overall appearance of suit. For example a wedding suit looks best with double breast cut, which enhance and define the groom's waist and chest. With rapid development in men's fashion, suits today can be pair up with different accessories like tie, bow tie, cuffs, etc., which further accentuate the look of the suit. Finding a suit under the downside of the budget can be great struggle for a lot of people. But with Jumia Market, it is piece of cake. As Jumia Market Nigeria houses and provides the some of the renowned men's fashion leading suit making label that too at an affordable price. A blue cotton-blend single-buttoned UK suit, a brown wool-blend Italian designer suit or a black double-breasted Turkish special wedding suit, it doesn't matter, you can find them all here. Jumia Market gives you unlimited access to men's suits like these that know how to do the talking for you, rock-bottom prices!