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Smartphones are awesome devices, they have been upgraded in such a way that it understands part of your world such as daily schedules, appointments, and more. But these smartphones can't integrate all necessary accessories together, so the need for mobile accessories. Mobile phones accessories are those external peripherals we attach to our phones in order to explore their maximum capability. There are some mobile accessories that are dedicated to the brand of mobile phones while others are not. You find more of mobile phones accessories that are universal - they can work with any brand of mobile phones. Several mobile phones accessories include:

Power Banks: These are used in storing electric charges in order to allow you charge you mobile phone anytime any day and anywhere regardless of where there is power supply or not. With power banks, you can keep your mobile phones running for as long as possible without you ever experiencing low battery.

Media Cards: Theses are external storage devices that can be used to store files and documents. Depending on the size of the media card, you can store your favourite soundtracks, movies, project work and every order important documents. The larger the memory capacity, the more data and information you can save. Media cards come are very important especially when the internal memory store of your mobile phone is low. With the media card, you can expand the phone's storage capacity.

Chargers: These are also important mobile accessories. They are used in charging mobile phones when the battery is low. Chargers most especially comes in various types and designs. Not all chargers are compatible with one another. For instance, an iPhone charger can't work with a Samsung or Nokia charger due to the difference in the charging ports. Another important feature most people tend to overlook in chargers is the output voltage. Some mobile phones have specified output voltage that should be used to charge the battery. Disregarding this important message often leads to damaging of the battery and in extreme case the charging port or motherboard gets fried. When choosing a suitable mobile phone charge, it is important to go for the specific model charger for your phone.

Handsfree: They are sometimes referred to as headphones or earphones. They are used to receive calls, listen to music and watch videos. They are also important while you driving and you really need to receive an important phone call, handsfree comes in handy in this case.

Phone cases and covers: Phone cases are the external casing of your mobile phones. They are usually made with plastic or metal. Most phone cases come in different colours and designs thereby giving your mobile phone a whole new look. You can also get phone pouches in order to protect your phone from getting scratched or damaged.

Screen Protectors: These are used in guarding our mobile phone screen against cracks and scratches. They can be either plastic or tampered glass screen protector. Depending on your budget and which you prefer, you can go for any one the two mentioned. When choosing a suitable screen protector, it is important to note the screen size and dimension of the mobile phone in order to get the perfect fit for your phone.

Tablets Accessories at the Best Prices

Just like the mobile phones, you can also get the above accessories for your tablets but with slightly different dimensions. In the case of screen protector, the type of tablets are usually wider due to the screen size and dimension. Most of the Tablets accessories are manufactured in a way that they can work with different brands of tablets. Get the best deals on Jumia Market.