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Buy Mop Sticks Online in Nigeria

Mop sticks are used for soaking up liquids, removing dust, cleaning the floors and other surfaces. Mop sticks are essential items when it comes to keeping the house floors clean at all times. This helps protect your friends and family from common diseases and infections. In order to keep your home floors sparkling clean, you need quality mop sticks. Jumia Market Nigeria is the place to buy the best mop sticks online at affordable prices to make cleaning easier and faster. When choosing the right mop sticks online, you need to know the different types of mops such as dry mop, dust mop, wet mop, moist mop, hot mops, syntho-mop, and microfiber mop. A mop consists of long piece of wood or aluminium tubing fitted with a specific mount for the mop. Also you need to consider the mop sticks handle. The material it is being made from. We have mop sticks handles such as classic yarn mop stick handle made from aluminium, unadjustable aluminium handles for velcro mops, and so on. Most mop sticks comes with buckets and mop trolley. Jumia Market Nigeria provides you with a comprehensive collection of magic mop sticks at our online store inorder to make your shopping experience smooth and time effective.

Moisture Absorber on Jumia Market Nigeria

At Jumia Market Nigeria, we have a wide collection of high quality cleaning mop sticks that can help take care of your basic cleaning duties. These mop stick products provide daily cleaning performances when handled and maintained with care. Our magic mop stick products bring efficient level of absorption, enabling you to quickly clean major spills on the floor and other surfaces. These products have good performance, durability, and very much affordable. After purchase on Jumia Market Nigeria, you can trust us for direct delivery to your doorstep with any hassle.