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The internet is one of the main reason everyone wants to be connected to the web. It is a vast collection of several computer networks used in exchanging data and information. Aside the exchange of information, it is also used to connect to your friends and loved ones around the world. This can be achieved with the use of networking devices; they are computer appliances that helps facilitate the transfer of data and information from one point (computer system) to another (might also be a computer system). These network devices are of several types and models. A common example is network cables. These cables are connected to the LAN (Local Area Network) ports of computer systems or laptops in order to share information. If you want to transfer a large amount of data from computer A to computer B, you can make use of these cables thereby creating a computer network for both systems to synchronize and have access to one another. You can share files like images, videos, songs, files, documents and so much more.

Choosing the Right Networking Devices

There are several factors to consider when choosing a particular networking devices. Of the whole factors, there are two major factors that can't be overlooked which are Speed and Security. The speed determines how fast the device can transfer data and information while security involves the several security protocols implemented in the device. When connected to the internet, there are several information shared online which makes it easy for a system to be attacked by malicious programs or virus or maybe get hacked. So it is highly important for your system to be protected.
Modem: This is known modulation demodulation. It is a computer hardware device that helps transmit data (modulation) and also receive data (demodulation) from another computer system. It helps connect a computer system to the internet.
Routers: These are networking devices used for extending networks by forwarding packets from one logical network to another. Imagine the internet to be a traffic of several system sending data and information to another, the routers help direct these data and information to the right MAC addresses it is intended for.
Switches: These are also known as switching hubs but they are smarter than the normal hubs. They help connect two or more computer systems together on a computer network by using packet switching to forward, process and receive data to the targeted destination. Better than hubs, switches can actually determine the exact address a data is to be sent unlike the hub that can't.

Where to Buy Networking Devices in Nigeria

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