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The Best Tips for Good Dental Health

Every part of the body needs to be well taken care of, for one to be able to boast of a good and healthy body. It is necessary to know how to handle the body and what and what not to do to keep it going for a very long time.

Just like the skin, face, feet, hair and entire body has specific products with which one can use to take care of it, so does the mouth. A clean mouth is very important and good oral hygiene cannot be overemphasized. Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems of which some of the most common ones are dental cavities, gingivitis and most popularly, bad breath.

Bad breath, medically known as halitosis, is majorly from poor oral hygiene and sometimes, a sign of other health problems. It could be caused by:

• The food particles that remain in the mouth and promote bacterial growth between the teeth, majorly found in people who do not floss or at least, brush daily.
• Eating food with strong odors, like garlic. Because the food digestion process starts from the mouth and also when they are absorbed into the bloodstream, are eventually carried into the lungs which give them off in our breath, this can trigger mouth odor. Using a mouthwash would temporarily abate the problem but until the food completely passes out of the blood stream, the smell would continue to be there.
• Smoking, or chewing tobacco is another sure source of getting a chronic mouth odor. This could cause teeth stain, bad breath, irritate the gum and reduce one's ability to taste food.

So many disadvantages come with having bad breath. For one, one's self-esteem and confidence would be crushed because they don't want to speak in public, or people run away from them when they do.

Dental health, is a good way to prevent or battle bad breath. Depending on how advanced mouth odor is, it is easy to fix just by you doing a few things. A few tips on dental health are listed below:

1. Brush your teeth properly. Be careful in order to avoid bleeding. Also brush the surfaces of the tongue and the roof of mouth to get rid of any bacteria hiding there.
2. Avoid tobacco and limit your intake of soda drinks, alcohol and coffee.
3. Always floss. This allows you to reach deep between the teeth and remove bacteria that the toothbrush bristles and mouthwash cannot remove.
4. Take a lot of calcium and vitamins. They are very necessary for the teeth and bones. Vitamins help to protect the gum and prevent the teeth from cracking and bleeding.
5. Make sure you see a dentist if you have an aching tooth. Do not leave it like that, especially if it is persistent.

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