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HP Tablets

Life has become a lot more fun with the launch of some amazing and stylish tablets from the top brands. Each brand has something unique to offer. Jumia Market Nigeria gets the best of each brand for you. The tablet phones have made their presence felt in a big way. It is in everyone's wish list to own a tablet phone. The HP Tablets are quite affordable and user friendly. Today, every household has at least one HP tablet to boast off. The tablets come with such classy and unique features, that you will find it hard to resist. The HP Slate 6 Tablet which costs somewhere around 48,000 Naira or the HP Elite Pad Tablet, at 120,000 find a lot of takers. You can also go for HP Slate 10 Voice Tab which will cost you around 56,000 Naira. The other HP models that deserve your attention include; HP 7 Voice Tablet, HP Stream 8 Tablet or HP Omni 10 Tablet. The HP laptops are also a huge hit. Whether it is the HP Intel Core i3- 16 GB/1 TB laptops or the recent 14 inch HP Pavillion 14 VO15TU, these laptops have a huge fan base following. The HP Tablet PC is also worth a try. You can avail the best of HP tablets, tablet PC and laptops at Jumia Market Nigeria.

The noise that counts

Samsung has always been a brand to reckon with. Time again, they have proved their worth. This time around, Samsung has hit the jackpot with their amazing line of tablets. Be it the Samsung Tablet4 at 50,000 Naira or Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Tablet which costs around 73,000 Naira, these tablets is all champions in their own unique ways. In fact, they have left Apple far behind in the race to be the best. The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 T211 Tablet, with its unique and classy specifications is a genius. What is more, this tablet will cost you approximately 42,000 Naira, a very fair deal indeed. The Samsung Galaxy S4 – Android Black, at 47,000 Naira is a model to watch out for. The best part about these tablets is their quality, which is unmatched. If you want to gift yourself a Tablet PC, go for the 11.6 inch touch screen Samsung ATIV Tablet PC. It has the specifications of Intel Atom Z2760 – 64 GB SSDD – 2GB, Windows 8 and will cost you about 140,000 Naira. You can also choose the elegant Samsung Note 2 Tablet PC, which at 45,000 Naira, is quite reasonable. At Jumia Market Nigeria, you will get all these models of Samsung tablets and tablet PC, which promises to be the best in the market. Make sure you get these tablets before they go out of stock.