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To keep yourself and family in good health, you need to keep a schedule of sporting activities. Jumia Market already helps families save millions of naira while shopping for the home, now we're offering you a wide range of equipment for you and your family to enjoy sporting activities. Sporting activities to be enjoyed by your family may range from indoor activities to outdoor sporting and anything in between. No matter which you have in mind, Jumia Market has just the right sporting equipment to support you. The category of products on this page focuses on the equipment you will need for outdoor sports. Whether you're shopping to enjoy outdoor sporting on your own or you have friends coming over, you can shop for the things you'll need; you will also discover new sporting ideas on Jumia Market, Nigeria's biggest online marketplace.

No matter what sport you play, there's a whole lot of sporting items on Jumia Market to choose from rackets to roller-skaters, volleyball nets, to boxer gloves basketball nets. Find hard balls, skipping ropes, tennis balls, Spalding basketballs and Adidas soccer balls. Whether you're a single professional player getting something for yourself for training or you're a team of amateur players who are just looking for random fun, Jumia Market is the right place to shop for outdoor gaming accessories in Nigeria. If boxing is your thing, shop boxing gloves, boxing helmets and teeth guides on Jumia Market. Since cycling an hour a day with a bicycle on Jumia Market can lose you as much as 800 calories a day, cycling consistently could get you on your way to a great body you deserve. Roller-skating, football, golf, boxing, athletics, and more, you can shop Jumia Market for the things you need whether you're working on a low budget or you're just shopping to keep up with trends.

Shop Football, Cycling Table & Tennis Equipment Online

Jumia Market has enough accessories for you to shop from no matter what outdoor sporting activity you're shopping. Enjoy footballing with friends, or you have boys aiming to be football superstars? Shop soccer balls, football boots and movable goal posts at best prices on Jumia Market. Having your friends coming over this weekend for some fun, why not shop some quick table tennis equipment on Jumia Market and have them delivered to you before the weekend? Or go all out in a convoy of bicycles, cycling through streets while keeping up with your dream shape. Don't forget to shop not just for the table tennis or the bicycles themselves; make sure to shop other things you'll be needing including table tennis balls, tennis bats, cycling goggles, cycling boots and a whole lot more. Team bonding or just whiling away time, whatever your purpose for engaging in outdoor games, Jumia Market makes it easy for you to shop these things.

For some low-risk outdoor sporting is what they love; for others, it's high-risk outdoor sporting that gets them. Whatever your preference, find out on Jumia Market. If you're trying to lose weight so as to get in shape or you're just sporting as an excuse to compete with friends, this category provides you with all you will need.