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Pasta & Noodles to Nourish your Body

Food is a necessity for the growth and survival of the body. Good food is even more important for the body because it provides the body with nutrients for it to be able to function the way it should. With the different types of food available in the world today, one can always eat anything they want and still get all the nutrients they need. The catch is to always eat a healthy balanced diet, which is a meal that contains all the 6 classes of food – carbohydrates, protein, fats and oil, minerals, vitamins and of course, water.

Pasta is one of those foods that provides a great source of nutrients to the body. Being in the family of grains, bread and cereal, it could be said to be a carbohydrate food. Made from semolina, pasta is a dish originally from Italy. It consists of dough made from durum wheat and water. It can be stamped into different shapes and sizes and is usually cooked in boiling water.

Noodles, on the other hand, are very thin, long strips of pasta, or another flour paste similar to it, that can be eaten with a sauce or in a soup. While there are a lot of similarities between noodles and pasta, there are also some differences. One of the common similarities between the two is that they both contain high complex carbohydrates, meaning that they release energy over a period of time, instead of in a sudden boost. They also contain about the same amount of calcium in them and the minerals found in one kind of food is mirrored in the other.

There are two different types of pasta, the dried and the fresh pasta. Dried pasta is made without eggs and can be stored for as long as two years. Fresh pasta is made with eggs and can only be stored for a few days, in a refrigerator. There are different types of noodles too, only they are classified using their main ingredient. Therefore you have noodles made from wheat, potato, rice, acorn and the likes.

Noodles can come in different shapes but the most common shape would be the thin rod shapes. Pasta shapes are also different and each come with their own names. The spaghetti category features thin rod shapes, tubes and cylinders, lasagna features sheet shapes, gnocchi are round-like shapes and fusilli have swirl-like shapes.

One too many people believe that pasta cannot be eaten without one putting on more weight. This is not completely true. When you eat pasta with a lot of vegetables in them, you don't need to worry.

There are a lot pasta to check out, and they are all nutritious and easy to make. It is a good meal for nourishing the body and should be consumed, especially by growing kids.

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