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Pro Evolution Soccer PES2017


The All new PES2017 shows superb and accurate real touch. You can use real touch to dribble pass an opponent thanks to the accuracy real touch control. In football, one of the things that dictates the game or separates one team from the other is the first touch. There has been a massive improvement in this area when it comes to first touch. You player tends to control the ball with urgency and precision thereby enhancing the fluidity of the game.


Passing is one of the essential part of every football game. PES2017 has upgraded the passing precision of every player but also other factors are also considered. The passing accuracy and speed of each player matters while the direction of the pass is left to the players (controllers) so as to pick the right pass. Also, this improves the accuracy, trajectory and perfection of every pass made in the game giving you that sense of reality when passing the ball around your team mates.

Jumia Market

Jumia Market


One of the major areas PES2017 made improvement on is the Goalies skills. You can expect more cover in the defense by having more faith in your keeper especially in one on one situations. A keeper like Hugo Lloris is as aerially gifted as he is in reality also Manuel Neur is good with and feet and strong arms. The PES2017 boasts of the most agile keepers in all of PES editions to date. They react to shots instantly and faster. Other significant improvement in keepers are in situation of deflected shots and fingertip saves to stop shot from passing the goal line.


With much improved pitch and better stadium lighting, Konami really brought its A-game in PES2017. You can choose from different stadiums in top leagues, the grasses on the pitch are perfect for a lovely football match. Also the fans in the stadium have more life in them with reaction coming from every shot, save, dribble, goal celebration, and more. Also, the weather condition helps determine the stadium playing condition just as it is in reality!

Jumia Market

Jumia Market


Certain Strategy and control are basic essentials of every football team. When a team is attacking, there are strategies implemented in order to make that attacking threat turn to a goal while also when defending, implementing the defensive strategies help prevent your opponent from scoring. In PES2017, there are several new strategies that can be implement when a team is attacking or defending, In other words, you have 100% control of how you want your team to play!

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Konami presents Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 edition. This is by far the best soccer game ever released by Konami and it doesn't compare to the PES16 in any way. A lot of changes and updates were made but some of the features still remain the same. Gamers around the world seem to believe that PES is not on the level of FIFA but with the PES17, you will definitely think twice before making that statement. Konami no doubt brought its a-game in this one with all new skills, teams, strategies and techniques. From Neymar’s unique goal celebration to the super recognizable players, PES17 is a must play game. Enjoy simple controls and fluid game plays, astonishing player touches, amazing goal keeper reflexes, wonder fans celebrating and chanting the team on to victory, indeed this is Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Majority of gamers have issues with the previous edition when playing online, with PES17, you are assured of more server stability and much reduced lag time whenever you are online. Also there are several additions like new teams, stadiums, coaches and more. PES17 has been compared to the FIFA17 all year long but the best way to make a sound judgement is to actually experience the game play. Get your PES17 now!

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Arguably one of the most popular football and most played video game in the world, Konami’s new flagship PES17 is a must-have and must-play game. Spend the weekend or holiday with friends and colleagues by playing multi-player matches with each side coming up with best team strategies and formation. There is no better way to keep your championship bragging right flying than to play with millions of online players around the world. Discover PES17 on Jumia Market today. Available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles respectively at affordable prices.