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It is so rare to find a kid who doesn't know what PlayStation is. Even though they won't go down history lane to answer, the fact remains that PlayStation is a household name amongst kids. Not just for kids, adults engage themselves with this amazing console to spend times with friends, family and colleagues. PlayStation game console, is a line of video game consoles created and developed by Sony Entertainment. It was first introduced in Japan, the year 1994 was the first launch of the original PlayStation console. There is no better way to spend your free period or holidays than gaming with friends both online and off. With the latest Sony Entertainment game console, you can do more than just play games.

Choosing the Perfect PlayStation Console

Ever since the introduction of the original PlayStation in December 1994, the company have evolved with new and interesting game consoles that is worth every bit of penny spent on it. There are 4 PlayStation console models manufactured by Sony. They are
The Original PlayStation: The launch of the first ever PlayStation console changed the world gaming experience. At that time, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn were the other two most popular games back then. But the PlayStation came and swept every gamer off his or her feet. Everyone fell in love with it. It came with CD-ROM hence, the game console only reads CDs. After exceeding expectations, they went ahead to release a smaller version of the original console and names it PlayStation one (PSone). The game was released in two main versions which was Pal version and NTSC version respectively.

PlayStation Two: One interesting thing Sony improved in the successor to the previous console was a better and enhanced GUI. Released in year 200, PS2 took the world by storm, a year ahead before competitors Xbox and Nintendo GameCube, hence getting a greater share of the market. The best thing about the PlayStation 2 was its backward compatibility with the original PS. This implies you can play CDs of the previous console on the PS2. Few years after its launched date, Sony launched a slimmer version of the PS2. The PlayStation two went on to becomes the best-selling game console of all time by shipping out over 150million consoles in 2011.

PlayStation Three: The PS3 was released in 2006 which was the successor to the PS2. It was the first game console in the world to be integrated with motion sensing capabilities. It also came with improved features such as high definition GUI and a 1920x1080 pixels resolution. It also featured a Blu-ray DVD/CD rom, an internal storage memory of up to 500GB. a slimmer version of PS3 was released in 2009 which was super portable, power efficient, and light weight.

PlayStation Four: The PS4 is the current flagship of Sony game consoles. This particular model redefine what gaming was all about with much improved features and capabilities. It surpassed its predecessor by an unbeatable margin. Released in February 2013, the PS4 comes with the PlayStation App that allows you synchronize your smartphone and tablet with the game console thereby increasing the user experience (UX). The console also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you play games online with people all over the world.

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