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How to exploit the potential of Tech in parenting

Technology is something we all use on a daily basis and sometimes even without realizing it. It is a part of us that we tend to use unconsciously, without thinking about it. Technology can said to be the most powerful force in the world today, and doesn't seem like it is about to stop in its developmental tracks anytime soon. Tech isn't a good or bad, it's the impact's nature that it has on us that can be termed either good or bad, healthy or unhealthy.

When we talk about tech we are referring to the internet and gadgetry. We all know that technology nowadays comprises of the internet and the entire information it has to offer at our children's and our own disposal. Tech influences everyone, directly or indirectly. Thanks to the explosion of social media, the emergence of smartphones and the birth of the internet, the trend now has a presence in our children's lives, influencing them directly and powerfully even more than you. All these tech developments are having effects on our children in different ways such as emotionally, socially, culturally, cognitively and physically.

We are in the tech generation, where kids from 3 years up have the ability to use learning tablets and other tech gadgets surprisingly well. Everyone is tech optimized, don't let anyone make you think otherwise. People even wonder if tech is creating a divide in their family but the divide is caused more due to the fact that most parents are not willing to harness its potential and enter into their children's life and world through the pathway tech has created. For those parents that don't see their kids often, you can keep in touch on the go with texting and other instant messaging platform. This helps a lot as most kids nowadays get to chat and text a lot, so why not harness this medium and use it to your advantage to keep in touch? We sometime underestimate technology as it is today and forget that it is one of the most exciting things in our children's life. Even, recent studies show that parent have to be technologically savvy if they want to be more prominent in their child's life. One would often hear parents say that it is too much trouble to bother about it. Yes, it might take some time and learning to get used to but it is worth it eventually if you want to build a better relationship with your teenage child.

Also in shopping, we feel tech hasn't been harnessed by parents as much as it could be. How about we help you with your shopping for back to school list and you harness the power of online shopping, making you and your kids' shopping easier and a lot less stressful when you go about from market to market.

School learning isn't enough nowadays for our kids, especially in our secondary schools. That why we have them doing extra lessons after school, either in the school or being tutored at home by a private teacher and even up to the weekends. We always want the best for our wards and it sometimes become tasking when we trying to find a good tutor. That is why today there are quite a number of sites online that offer the best tutors that have experience in the subject they teach and in tutoring.

The summer holidays are really fun, but like everything, it has to come to an end. Few weeks to the end, is when we begin to think of the new session that's on its way, which usually starts in September. It is never too early to start planning for back to school, even if you want to start making preparations at the beginning of the holidays, you have every right to do so.

Laptops are a way to get work done a lot faster and easier, takes a lot of stress off. If you can afford one then take a look at this Lenovo a10 Android Laptop, to assist in optimizing their work and getting stuff done faster. A lightweight easy-to-carry about (bearing in mind the books your child also has to carry in his backpack), and very efficient. You still have a toddler or little one, that you would love to start training and teaching, we are certain you can find a gear good enough just like our Kids Educational iPad for Learning. Your child can also own the pl71 Android 7 Tablet as this is also very mobile and if you have a tablet keyboard to use with it, then the tablet can serve as a good substitute for a laptop. These also have great apps and software that can help in learning and studying.

Speaking of backpacks, it is well known that kids would enjoy using something that you get for them, which is cool and trendy, especially if it connected to something they like, such as their favourite cartoon or superhero -just like this Ben 10 Backpack. We don't just offer you backpacks, we offer trendy, durable and lightweight backpacks that have a compartment for everything that is needed to be carried to school. Your child is in a boarding school and you need a good backpack at an affordable price, then check out our backpacks.

Apart from the books the school might provide you might need to get one or two extra books your kids need for a syllabus or the study with, also learning DVDs and CDs might be helpful for the little ones. Our Books and Media selection for kids would be great to check for whatever book you might need.

We cannot leave you hanging and forget to talk about our stationaries and school supplies. Stationaries like books, pencils, pens, math set, highlighters, notebooks and a range of other supplies, our kids tend to need to need this the most and you can have them readily available at the needed time. It is always advisable to buy in bulk or bundles, just like this pack of 50pcs Bic biro that can last the whole year if managed properly, also a few other supplies that can be purchased in bulk.

Apart from the usual stuff need like school uniforms, there are other stuff needed like shoes, socks and other clothing items. This all depends on the school you child attends, if they were uniforms like majority of schools in Nigeria or they are the ones that allow plain everyday casual clothes. Usually, it is best to go by the list given to you by the school, of items that is needed for the session to be used by your ward. And for those that are in boarding schools, the list gets longer with items like bed sheets, buckets, toiletries, extra clothing wears and even farming tools sometimes.

We all know that shopping for school supplies can be really stressful and then if you are a working class person, you would have even more limited time to shop for your children back to school supplies. So how about an app on the go for shopping, amazing idea right? You can just buy with the app and have it delivered to you or you add to your wish list whenever you find the products you want to purchase and then you are done adding stuff, you buy everything and it would still get delivered to you, either at home or in your office, anywhere in Nigeria and pay cash on delivery. That is not the best part, the best part is that you get to save time and money too.

When you can have all these at your comfort and delivered to you conveniently, what can be better than that? When harnessing the use of the internet for your child's benefit and satisfaction, also your benefit and rest of mind. Technology at its best, what could be better than that?