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Today electronic gadgets such as mobile phones , Tablets , Laptops etc have become a part of our lives, without which we can't think of living a normal life. As we are always on the go, electronic gadgets and devices have started becoming portable which we like to carry and use. The problem with so many portable electronic gadgets is that they consumes a lot of energy, and they drain their source of energy i.e the battery in a short time. Without the energy these smart and expensive gadgets are useless for any user. The batteries require constant charging, and needs to be placed somewhere where the charging can be done through electrical plug points. Now, if you are traveling, finding an electrical plug point to charge the battery of your gadget is nearly impossible. Here comes the power bank. Power bank is an extra battery or an extra charger for your mobile phone or other electronic devices. It is a portable charger that not only solves the low battery problem, but it always ensures you never run out of charge. Jumia Market has a wide range of best in hand power bank for phones and other electronic devices to choose from. At times we feel helpless when at the time of important conversation on our smartphone , the battery runs out. Shop on Jumia Market for your power banks and make sure your battery never runs out

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Buy the best quality power bank on Jumia Market. Use 18650 lithium battery or Li-polymer polymer for safety and fast charging of devices. Buy high capacity power banks with a capacity of 1000ma to 2000ma or even more for quick charging. The power bank you buy should be at least of the size of the battery of your device to ensure at least one full charge. The output voltage of the power bank should have the output voltage and current equal to o higher than your device's charge specification. Always buy branded power banks from on Jumia Market to get the best quality. Branded power banks give you a feeling of safety.