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Frozen foods are basically foods that have been preserved from the time it is prepared to when it is consumed. Preserving food is something that has become an important thing in our everyday lives now because sometimes you might not be able to consume everything you have prepared. Preserving it is the next best choice.

Some of the most popular methods of preserving foods include:

• Canning: this is the process of applying heat to food that is sealed in a jar or sealed container to destroy any microorganisms that can cause food spoilage. During the process of canning the food, air is driven from the jar and a vacuum is formed as the jar cools and seals. This kind of process also means there is a specific duration as to how long the food can last. There are 2 types still of canning, the water bath method and the pressure method.
• Freezing: this is the art of preparing and freezing foods at the height of their freshness. The trick to freezing food is to make sure the food is very fresh, and then freeze it as quickly as possible, and keep it frozen all the time, to avoid souring. And even if soured food will not hurt you, the food would not taste fresh anyway. And after a while, it is just best to throw them out.
• Drying: this is the oldest method of preserving food. In this method, you expose the food to a temperature that is high enough to remove the moisture but low enough that it actually does not cook it. This could be achieved with the aid of an oven or even the sun, but it does take a while. The best method is to use an electric dehydrator.

Sometimes we go to the market and buy foods that actually need to be preserved. Foods like fruits, raw foods and frozen foods like chicken, ice cream and fish always need to be preserved properly otherwise they would get spoilt and have to be thrown away, which would be a waste. And once foods like that get spoilt, throwing them out is the only thing to do because eating them would otherwise cause food poisoning, which could be dangerous.

Here are a few things to take not of when freezing food, to avoid it getting bad:

• Have a fridge that actually works.
• Do not overfill your freezer so that the air can circulate properly.
• Use a stabilizer to avoid fluctuation in the temperatures of the freezer.
• Close your food properly to avoid air getting into it. This will make it prone to souring faster.

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