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Jumia Market (Kaymu) Nigeria press release - Lagos residents buying sanitary supplies online following Ebola scare


Jumia Market said it suggests there is a widespread awareness in Nigeria about the dreaded viral infection.

"It is very encouraging to see that Lagosians are taking the news of this outbreak seriously. Lagosians and Nigerians in general are advised to take to the precautionary measures communicated by health officials, such as frequently washing hands, to ensure the virus is contained and possibly eradicated," said managing director Evangeline Wiles.

Following the death of Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-born American in Lagos, tension has risen in Nigeria and more citizens are relying on the internet for information on preventive measures and to order protective tools without visiting overcrowded areas.

Chris Alagboso, social media manager of, said the platform has recorded a significant surge in traffic from Nigerians interested in reading stories on the Ebola virus. "Anytime we publish a story on the virus, especially in Nigeria, the traffic is always massive. This shows that Nigerians are more curious and seeking information on the disease spread. Apart from Nigerians, we also seeing significant interest from outside Nigeria on the condition in Nigeria," Alagboso told HumanIPO..

He urged the relevant bodies to ensure that only true information is released online. "A good number of posts on preventive measures are faulty but not all readers know this. Copying and pasting posts won't achieve desired results, only localised solutions could help Nigeria and Africa in fighting the disease."

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