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Jumia Market Launches Mobile App

Nigeria's leading online marketplace: Jumia has further expanded to mobile marketing with the launch of its mobile app on 12th, Sep, 2014.

No one likes being caught in the rain, but thankfully there are great looking fashion items that can help get you through the day! Some of our favorite items for a rainy day are: jelly shoes, jackets, scarves, and of course, an umbrella. It can definitely be tough to dress for a rainy day because there are so many things to consider. From what type of fabric you can wear (suede shoes are a no-go) to how to stay dry without sacrificing style. Thankfully here are some outfit ideas and tips put together by Jumia Market to brighten up your rainy day.

Rainy Day Fashion Tips!

Add color! Don't be scared to wear something bright and fun like this neck scarf on a rainy day. Bad weather can be depressing, so why not go out of your way to wear something non-depressing and cute? A cute umbrella can be an accessory. There are so many adorable and cheap umbrellas available online, so there's really no excuse to stick to basic black. Buy a couple in your favorite colors if you live in a really rainy area and use them to add color to your look. Keep warm with stylish blazers and cardigans. Cardigans keep you warm

and fuzzy against the rainy chills. The blazer is SUCH a classic & essential piece that's perfect for all occasions and especially rainy days.
Be careful of the materials you wear in rain. I'm sure you probably know this already, but just in case… Suede is off-limits in rain because water usually ruins it, and leather that hasn't been treated with a protectant can easily be damaged by water as well. Don't risk ruining your clothes – go with rubber shoes in the rain or treated leather and still take your take your selfies by protecting your mobile phones with plastic or waterproof cases.
Waterproof makeup are a must have! Accessorize! Accessorize!! Accessorize!!! The rain might cast it's shadows, but it's up to you to bring some sparkle into your day. Layer on gorgeous statement neckpieces on your outfits, It'll bring the sexy into your look.
Don't sacrifice the trend just because it's raining. Leather is big this season and so are the acid wash high waist jeans. Why not bring out those sexy bottoms and pair with a bright and trendy blazer to stay warm and trendy.

About Jumia Market

Jumia Market is Nigeria's #1 safest online market place where buyers and sellers can meet and make the best deals for used or new products, such as smart phones, computers, shoes and clothing, home appliances for the cheapest price thanks to the fixed or auction pricing system. Visit Jumia Market Nigeria to explore its offerings.

About AIH

Jumia Market is part of Africa Internet Holding (AIH). AIH introduces and accelerates the online shift in Africa – for its people and its culture. AIH has built up multiple web companies including: JUMIA, Zando, Jumia Market, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, Jovago and Easy Taxi. For further information please visit Africa Internet Holding.

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