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Efficiency All Around
Are you pressed for time? Short on space? What if we told you that we have a machine that can help you fit a workout seamlessly into your life?

American Fitness Orbital Rower is the space saving, time crunching, penny pinching and fat burning rowing machine you have been searching for.

This rower is an affordable way to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen and tone your entire body.

Your arms, legs, abs, back, and buttocks will feel the burn while your heart is pumping.

There is no need to waste money on a membership to a crowded gym when you can get a great workout right in your own home.

Freedom to Move
The dual free motion rowing handles give you a truer, full-range rowing motion that mimics rowing on the water.

The shock resistance and aluminum rowing beam provide a smooth rowing stroke as you sit comfortably on the padded seat.

Strap into the pivoting foot plates, grab the padded grips and confidently row your way to good health.

You will know you are making progress by the real time feedback from the multi-function monitor that provides time,

stroke count, total stroke count, calories burned and a scan function.

Freedom of Choice
American Fitness Rower lets you choose when and where to workout.

With a footprint of only 50" x 50.5" you can put the rower in your living room, bedroom, basement, or wherever is convenient for your life.

When not in use, this rowing machine can be stood up on end and placed in a corner or closet out of the way.

When you're ready to use it again, just lay it back down and get to rowing!

Single-button, multifunction monitor displays time, stroke count, total stroke count, and calories burned

The shock resistance and aluminum rowing beam provide a smooth rowing stroke as you sit comfortably on the padded seat.

Extruded aluminum rowing beam for a smooth motion
Chrome free motion rowing arms
Padded seat on ball bearing roller system
Single-button, multi function monitor displays time, stroke count, total stroke count, and calories burned
Pivoting foot plates
Padded grips
Maximum user weight 250 lbs.
Use to improve cardiovascular health and strengthen and tone your entire body.



Model Number: 35-1201
Carton Weight: 40 lbs.
Assembled dimensions: 48" long x 28.75" wide x 9" tall
Functions: Speed, Distance, Timer, Calories
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year on frame/90 days on parts

Row Your Way to Fit Living

The fitness community’s migration back to the former king of cardio, the high-quality rowing machine, continues to gain support—for good reason.

After trying any Stamina Rowing Machine, you’ll understand why our line of rowers is so popular.

Combined with Stamina’s commitment to engineering excellent products, advances in rowing machine technology have resulted in comfortable,

easy-to-use rowers that perform reliably and provide the low-impact, full-body cardio fitness workout your body craves.

While weighing the value of a Stamina rower, you’re naturally wondering if it will let you shed those extra pounds and work your way toward

a chiseled body—and the mental & emotional benefits that stem from a stronger, healthier you.

You’re asking yourself smart questions about Stamina’s quality rowing machines:

Can I really sculpt my body without going to the gym?

Will I get condition both my upper and lower body at once?

Will I get an efficient, effective aerobic workout that burns calories?

Can I get the benefits of a challenging cardio workout without hurting myself?

The answer is yes. With an in-home rower, you’ve got all you need to shape a beautiful body.

Rowers work all major muscle groups in both the lower and upper body, pushing your heart rate and burning more calories per hour than other

residential exercise equipment. Finally, the low-impact motion minimizes joint stress, reducing injury risks.

With clear benefits and value, it seems your final question should be which Stamina rowing machine is the perfect choice?
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is the rowing machine in good condition?
would you guys be the one to fix the machine
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