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Shelves are storage compartments with flat plane's for placing items, hey are used in homes, offices or a store or wherever items or commodity of value are showcased, or stored. Most shelves are made in columns and pillars to maximize its usage.
Shelves could also be called counters, racks, or ledge. They are wall shelves and vertical surface shelves that hang independently; like cabinets, mini bars, entertainment centers, bookcases and so on. People get shelves according to their requirements and the structure of the space the shelf is intended to occupy. Like in store the shelves would most likely be high and open for people to glance through the products for sale. Mostly stores prefer mobile shelving for adjustable changes made regularly.
Most people when told about shelving what comes to their minds are the book cases and maybe file cabinets found in home's, office's and in schools. In fact, bookcases are from way back, when that was probably all shelves were needed for, to store books and historical documents.
In present times a lot has changed in shelving units and designs, as shelving has evolved and grown way past books storage units. It now features a number of designs with different storage categories. This categories are determinants of what kind of shelf you should purchase, such as racking shelves for shoes, caps and so on, TV shelves, shelves for documents and valuable information, mobile wardrobes for cloths and so on. Shelving has evolved so much that they are floating shelves that are just for decoration. All this innovations have definitely changed the way homeowners manage their homes and office space.

Shelving Materials

Shelves are original made of wood or steel. Though presently they are shelves for décor and some to hold lighter-weight, this are made by glass or plastic or wires. They are even shelves made from paper all for home decorations.

Uses of Shelves.

The primary reason why office and homeowners purchase shelves from Jumia Market is to manage the space, important documents and information. However, home owners are more focused on maximizing space and beautifying there environment. After scrutinizing other factors for buying shelves it's very obvious that either ways shelving is important to both office managers and homeowners. Here are why that is so
• Increased Storage Space- With shelves there is more space both vertically and horizontally creating more room for more items. Thus de-clustering the environment
• Saves Space - Saves space with shelving systems u can save a lot more space, whether it's stock in the wall or floats on it, either way it still leaves a lot of space unlike cabinets that eat up space shelves helps homeowners and office managers to file information above the floor, which gives them additional room to add additional décor and furniture, like desks or coffee tables.
• Effectiveness/Easier Navigation - You can retrieve and label items for later use easily. From sourcing out documents to items, with shelves it's easy and faster.
• Safety- shelves have no doors, thereby you are safe from jamming your hands in-between and other possible door hazards. using ladders from Jumia Market u can easily access any item on top of your shelf
• Organization of commodities- With shelves you can pair and organize and retrieve all your belongings in patterns or ways that suit you. Both shelving and filing cabinets are great tools for organizing your items, but shelving does a greater job.

Shelves on Jumia Market

Home and office owners can find every type of shelf they require by searching for shelving online. Jumia Market, which is one of the leading online marketplace, conveniently brings together shelf buyers and sellers in a user friendly safe online store. Before searching for the perfect shelf seller or buyer, browse through the site and firstly ascertain which is most useful to them, the materials used to construct the shelf, and why they need a shelf. After all of that is answered shop away o Jumia Market and add order to your homes