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Innjoo Smartphones

Innjoo mobile is a mobile phone producing company with the main objective of producing affordable android phones and tablets. Since they produced the Innjoo i1, they have been a strong competitor for other top mobile phone brands across Africa. Since then, they have produced exciting and innovative android phones like the Innjoo Fire, Innjoo Max 2 and Max 3 amongst others.

Innjoo Phones on Jumia Market Nigeria

Innjoo offers the most affordable smartphones in Nigeria. Like Innjoo tablets, Innjoo phones also offer great functionalities at the most affordable prices. Innjoo focuses on smartphones running on the Android operating system (OS). The Innjoo Fire 2 Plus is the newest member of the latest series of the Fire range of the latest Innjoo phones. It is the most premium member of the line even though it does not have a fingerprint sensor like the Fire 2 Pro. However, its 2GB RAM and 1.3GHz quad-core processor will surely make it a better overall performer. The Innjoo Fire 2 Plus also features a 5.5-inch Display, 13MP camera, and 5MP front camera. The recent Innjoo Max 3 runs on the Android 5.1 operating system, a 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, 6.0 screen size, a front camera of 13MP and 8MP rear camera. Innjoo smartphones are available on Jumia Market, Nigeria’s number one online marketplace.