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Bathroom Soap Holders for a More Organized Bathroom

Soap dishes and dish holders are bathroom accessories; where the former is used for storing or keeping the soap, the latter is used for holding the soap dish. One might not see the need for getting a soap dish holder if they already have a soap dish, but here are one or two reasons why you need both.

A soap dish is used for keeping the soap in a container, usually plastic sometimes. It keeps the soap from staining everywhere when being used (most people who use black soap would understand), and it also keeps the soap from melting, thereby helping your soap last even longer. A soap dish holder on the other hand, could be used to accessorize the bathroom, and also help to organize the bathroom, and there is nothing more appealing than an organized and neat bathroom. There are even wall mounted dish holders, made that way to create more space for other bathroom items to be put in their right places.

When shopping for a soap dish, here are some things to look out for.
The color of the dish: you want the color to have a slightly same tone as your bathroom décor, so that it does not seem too out of place, but if it's a kiddies' bathroom, then any color can go, preferably bright colors.
The shape of the dish: dishes with raised ridges or bumps, are indicators that the dish would allow the soap to dry properly and not pool water in it that would make the soap melt, so if you're looking to conserve your soap and use it for the maximum time it should be used, then flat soap dishes should be avoided.
The material of the dish: A ceramic soap dish is easy to clean and can be painted over with different colors and designs. Metal would rust over time because it comes in constant contact with water all the time. Plastic soap dishes could be said to be the best because they are durable, immune to rust, usually come with holes to help drain the water and come in different colors, so they can fit into anyone's taste, even kids.

For a bathroom soap holder, another thing to be considered is in what material it is made. Like earlier stated, metal would be a bad investment in the long run because due to the water they come in contact with, they would rust over time and become rather untidy and ruin the beauty of the room. Porcelain, plastic and ceramic are the best options here.

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