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Social Media Week in Lagos: What Brand Managers Don't Know

Feb, 27, 2015 | Lagos, Nigeria

Connecting with consumers has always been the main focus of brands ever since the invention of marketing. Jumia Market – one of Africa's largest online shopping communities – brings a fresh perspective on using Social Media as a marketing tool. Marketing has evolved greatly since 1941, which saw the broadcast of the first tv ad. This was followed by " the infomercial" in the 1970s and finally, the Internet in 1993; and the rest, as they say is history.

The internet changed the way marketing is done. It opened up a whole host of new touch points between brands and their consumers. Unwilling at first, companies and brands soon began to realize the importance of Social Media and how they can use it to reach people. In fact events like the one hosted by Jumia Market in the upcoming Social Media week in Lagos helps share best practices from the industry and propagate "the Internet of things" even further. But how exactly does Social Media work for branding? The answer is Consumer communities.

Consumer communities are one of the driving factors behind the success of brands like Lego, Vans or more recently, Uber.

The formula is very simple. A community is created or discovered by a brand. Active and relevant participation by the brand in the community leads to the development of a stronger affinity within the followers of the brand and ultimately leads to the birth of advocates, which in turn gives the brand credibility. Tools like Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, etc. have made it easier to target relevant consumer groups and be at the right place, at the right time in the virtual world. Of course, at the very basis of marketing and branding lies the importance of being at the right place at the right time in the real world along with cyberspace!

About Jumia Market

Jumia Market is Nigeria's #1 safest online market place where buyers and sellers can meet and make the best deals for used or new products, such as smart phones, computers, shoes and clothing, home appliances for the cheapest price thanks to the fixed or auction pricing system. Visit Jumia to explore its offerings.

About AIH

Jumia Market is part of Africa Internet Holding (AIH). AIH introduces and accelerates the online shift in Africa – for its people and its culture. AIH has built up multiple web companies including: JUMIA, Zando, Jumia Market, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, Jovago and Easy Taxi. For further information please visit Africa Internet Holding.

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