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Sony is a Japanese multi-national brand which has it's headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. The primary focus of the company is on electronics such as TV, refrigerators, gaming and consoles, etc. Moreover, it also focuses on financial sector and entertainment sector too. It is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products, both in professional and consumer market. The Sony group's primary focus is on electronics, entertainment, gaming and financial sectors. As Sony is a world famous brand, you can definitely buy its products on Jumia Market that offers various kinds of products to choose from. Sony is a conglomerate consisting of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Corporation, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Sony Financial Holdings as well as a few reputable music ventures such as Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, and many more. The company's previous slogan was 'make, believe and like no other'. However their current slogan is 'BE MOVED'. Since 1946 Sony electronics have brought the world the best technologies. In an age when buying TV sets was a dream, Sony was the first company to provide direct-view portable television, that opens door to personal television. Moreover, it releases first IC radio and brought Sony Trinitron to the masses by releasing KV-1310. Now the company has brought Bravia, the range of high definition Television sets. It is true that Sony Trinitron is one of major breakthroughs into the world of electronics. In Nigeria too, Sony products are famous for their innovations. Browse Jumia Market and discover the most amazing deals on a range of products from the house of Sony.

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Historically, Sony has been notable for various offerings that were never seen before. One of the greatest inventions from Sony is probably the Walkman. As there was no practical way of going to jog while playing music, Sony bridged the gap between them. The compact disc player, Hi-Fi system, etc. are also Sony's inventions. The Playstation from Sony ranges from 1 to PS2 to PS3 and the company will surely going to break their record again. Jumia Market has a wide list of Sony products, which are ranging from Sony Xperia smartphone to Sony Cyber-shot camera and more. The Sony Xperia is a well known smartphone from Sony that offers a good camera, low-key custom interface and improved screen contrast and angles. Another major product from Sony is the Cyber-shot camera that remains at the top as compared to other brands. It has 20.1 MP Super HAD CCD sensors with a high resolution of 720p HD movie shooting. It has auto adjustable ISO via Party Mode and Advanced Flash, that offers both still images and movies. Furthermore, it has a dedicated movie button on it. You can record a movie for any event and view them later from your laptop. It can automatically adjust ISO sensitivity to provide vivid photos even in low-light conditions. If you want to own a Sony product, then Jumia Market is one such place where you may find many such gadgets.


This multinational company was started on May 7, 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and was joined by his mate Akio Morita a year later who were also the first to start the production of the commercial transistors, first one being Sony TR-55, under their company Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo in the year 1955 and Sony TR-72 in the year end. These portable transistors were followed by another set of technologically modified and efficient transistors namely Sony TR-6, which was a high sound quality and ultra-thin transistor, Sony TR-63, which qualified as a micro-transistor in those times. The range of transistors produced by Sony were a great hit and this was how Sony now stepped in the field of micro-electronics, mainly in the communication stream.


"I Xperia the best" was associated with Sony X1, the first smartphone in the line of Xperia smartphones launched by Sony and has become very popular since. 'Xperia' owes its inheritance from the word 'experience'. Sony Xperia is a conglomerate of tablets and smartphones produced by Sony. It released its first smartphone, Sony X1, in the year 2008 and its first tablet, Xperia Tablet S, in the year 2012. Sony Xperia first released its two smartphones Sony X1 and Sony X2 running on Windows Operating System. Their features included qualcomm processor, Wi-Fi, front and rear cameras. Sony Xperia also released Xperia X5 Pureness which was a unique 1. 8 inched clear screened phone.

With the advent of the Android operating system, Sony Xperia started integrating this operating system for running its smartphones. It now has updated versions of android OS and even better processors ranging from Snapdragon S3 to quad core processors for highly responsive and easy to use smartphones. Sony Mobile Comm. under their Sony Xperia range soon started focussing on improved camera resolution with its rear camera ranging from 3. 2 MP (Xperia E) to 20. 1 MP (Xperia Z3, Xperia Za2). Sony Xperia provides for a range of sleek and slim, highly attractive, easy to hold, technologically advanced smartphones.

Sony Xperia has released 3 tablets till date-Xperia S being the first one followed by Xperia Z and Xperia Z2. Xperia Z3 compact is slated to be released soon. They provide for a high quality viewing experience with tablets aimed at being extremely light in weight. It does not compromise with the camera resolution in its tablets with a resolution of 8 MP rear and 2. 2 MP front cameras. Xperia Z2 also known as Sony Z2 is the sleekest tablet in the world till date, surpassing its predecessor Xperia Z.


Sony Vaio, now known as Vaio was Sony's branch for the production of personal computers. It was established in the year 1996 under Sony but it has now sold its shares to Japan Industrial Partners in February 2014. Vaio stands for Visual Audio Intelligent Organize and the logo stands for analogue (VA) and digital (IO). Sony Vaio includes the computers under the PCV series. It is famous in the electronics market for its sleek design and has spread its branches in sub laptops, desktops and media centres. Sony Vaio includes 7 models of laptops under the following series SR, FW, TOKEG, CR, NR, TZ , ZS with improved technologies in successive model ranging from the incorporation of XBRITE to LED screens, etc. It also has an online support system for its customers which includes various facilities for the user and online assistance. Sony Vaio presently works on Windows OS and Intel processor.

SONY PlayStation

Sony PlayStation or popularly knows as the Sony PS is a series of gaming consoles, which was introduced by Sony in 1994. The PlayStation has since then fended the competition and grown to become the most popular gaming console ever. The series includes PS1, PS2, PS3 (PlayStation 3) and now the latest PS4 (PlayStation 4) these 4 are plug and play gaming consoles that require you to plug them to a Television set. The Sony PS Vita or PSVita is a portable handheld gaming device that allows you to play your games on the go.
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Sony Ericsson was a joint venture of Sony Mobile Comm. and Ericsson which started in October 2001 and ended on 16th February, 2012, with Sony Mobile occupying all of Ericsson's share. Sony Ericsson was the first to launch the 5MP, 8MP and 12MP rear cameras on phones in the market. LG overtook it in the year 2008 but Sony Ericsson soon recovered by launching one its most sold mobile phones, C905.

However, it faced several obstacles later with the advent of Apple in the mobile world and also the Android OS because of which its sales faced a major setback. Sony Ericsson has also launched certain mobile phones (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc) that are Play Station certified. It has also released Sony Smartwatch 1, Sony Smartwatch 2 and Sony Smartwatch 3 which run on Android OS and sync your Android smartphone with your watch so you can keep track of both time and notifications on the go.

Other Brands under Sony Umbrella

Sony also owns an entertainment channel in India, known as Sony Entertainment Television or Sony TV which includes Sony SAB, SET Max and many more.

Sony BRAVIA ("Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture") launched in 2005, is a range of television sets which uses LCD screens and high resolution picture. It is now also being incorporated in mobile phones.

Sony rx100 is a product of the Sony Cybershot range of cameras and boasts of being one of the most compact high resolution cameras with its sensor quite large comparable to its size.

Sony a6000 is a DSLR mirror less camera produced by Sony and has features like Carl Zeiss lens, interchangeable lens among many others.