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Stationery is a group of materials such as paper, pens etc which are used for writing and typing. Stationery is a mass noun referring to commercially manufactured writing materials. Stationery includes materials to be written on by hand such as letter paper or by equipment such as computer printers. Here are some common stationery used especially in offices.

Papers: Papers are required in the places of work, school and other firms for printing reasons, for using notes, to put together files and numerous other essential features.

Writing materials: Writing materials include items like pencils, pens, erasers, gel pens, calligraphy pens, and many more.

Documents and folders: This includes items such as paper folders, card holders, and the likes.

Calculators: These are stationery used for effortless calculations.

Other stationery: These are items like paper clips which are used to maintain things in place; sticky notes, staplers, envelopes, shredders and many more.

School Supplies

School supplies are items needed for school students and pupils to effectively work on schools. Moreover, they are the items that students need to complete assignments and to help them capitalize on the educational process. As students move along the educational path, the types of schools supplies they need often change. During the primary years, many of the school supplies required are art related. They are often required to have crayons, scissors, glue, and construction paper. They usually also need writing paper and pencils. The paper, however, is normally specially designed with large lines and is greater in width than length. The pencils are often much bigger than those that will be used by much older students.

School supplies for kindergarten: These include items like crayons, coloured pencils, erasers, glue sticks, blunt-tipped scissors, pencil sharpeners, washable markers, plastic folders, wide-ruled notebooks, lunchbox, backpack, etc.

School supplies for elementary school: These include items such as crayons, coloured pencils, ballpoint pens, pencil sharpeners, erasers, glue sticks, ruler, plastic folders, blunt-tipped scissors, assorted construction papers, index cards, backpacks, lunchbox, etc.

School supplies for high school: These include items like blue and black pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, highlighters, permanent markers, erasers, binders, subject dividers, folders, scissors, calculators, graph books, backpacks, combination locks, and many more.

School supplies for college: These include items like three-ring binder, three-hole punch, loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks, subject dividers, index cards, blue or black ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, permanent markers, highlighters, erasers, pencil case, scissors, stapler, tape, post-Its, white-out, personal organizer/calendar, calculator, book bag, laptop, printer, computer paper, ink cartridges, etc.

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