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Jumia Market has over a thousand storage devices you can shop from across types and across capacities. Whatever you're shopping for as long as it's supposed to have capacity to store away your files so that you can retrieve them whenever you need them we have what you need on Jumia Market. Storage devices on Jumia Market come in different sizes, colors, designs and from different brands. No matter how selective you think you may be we're sure you can find the right storage device for yourself here even if you're working on the thinnest of budgets. At Jumia Market we understand that the whole idea of shopping for storage devices online is so that you can get the most number of storage devices to choose from while you walk away with your storage device at the best possible price.

Storage devices on Jumia Market are some of the most reliable partners you can have whatever it is that you wish to do with them. You can hold anything from movies to pictures, personal videos and as much selfies as you've always wanted. With a hard drive from Jumia Market, why would you ever need to delete off an important file just because you needed to make extra space for an incoming file? You can find hard drives and further storage solutions from Sata, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend, and Western Digital. While memory cards of 16 GB are sometimes enough for many phones but they will be completely insufficient for your computer and laptop which will require 500 GB to 2 TB of external hard disk space to run smooth.

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Everyone is always on the lookout for the best bargains in storage devices. Jumia Market offers you the opportunity to shop different kinds of storage devices and buy what suits your needs. Whatever brand of storage devices you're looking to shop, Jumia Market make sure you can always find it with us here and you can buy them at the best price ever in Nigeria. And when there's some new storage technology available in Nigeria, be sure you can always come here to shop for it n Jumia Market, Nigeria's biggest online marketplace. Buying on Jumia Market is very easy. Sometimes there can be so many options on flash drives and storage devices to choose from that you may have to rely on using our filters to get the particular product that you have in mind. Filter flash drives by color, size, model and brand name. Shop for flash drives from brands including Adata, Advance, HP, Imation, LG, Samsung, Sandisk, and more.

Don't stay content with the amount of space that comes with your newly bought phone. Maximize your phone to its true potential with memory cards online on Jumia Market. Shop anything from 8GB memory cards to 64GB memory cards depending on how much your phone can take. Find memory cards on Jumia Market, which are compatible with your phone from Blackberries to Samsung, Apple, and Tecno. So, how much extra memory would you want on your new memory card?