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Tips To Make Your New Year's Resolutions a Success

New Year Resolution

Before the beginning of a new year, we start to think about what to improve on and habits to drop in order to better ourselves. We hope to become better at some thing or to live a healthier, happier life. But most of the time, we start and stop, not achieving our resolution or sometimes we don't even get to start at all which isn't good. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your New Year resolutions this year.

Start Right Away

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Get Someone to Hold You to Your Word

Have a close friend that would hold you accountable to your resolution. This is one of the oldest tips in the resolution game and has been proven to be trusted and very helpful to sticking to your resolution. Tell your resolutions to that close family member or friend that you know would be very honest with you and would keep you on track. They can even help you pick a very good resolution since they know your bad habits and all. Don't share with too many people though as this can end up doing more harm than good.

Set Very Specific Goals

New Year resolutions are usually general based and too big, making them a bit difficult to achieve. The more specific you can be with your resolution, the easier it will be to attain. "Gain weight" or "lose weight" isn't specific enough and is bad, "Gain 15kg by April" is a better resolution and can give you exactly what you need to achieve. You can also get to set multi specific goals that you can spread throughout the year. That way you can always have something to look forward to and focus on achieving.

Focus On One Resolution at a Time

We humans are made to multitask normally but trying to juggle several resolutions at the same time can prove hectic and would make you end up giving up on all. The mistake you make is trying to keep too many new year resolutions at once and the less your brain has to handle, the better it is for you to focus so just pick one and focus all your energy, motivation and brain power on achieving that one. This will definitely increase your chances at succeeding.

Remind Yourself of Your Goals on a Daily Basis

One of the tricks you can use in keeping your resolution at the forefront of your mind is to constantly remind yourself. Put sticky notes up on your bathroom mirror to remind you why you are doing this or set reminders on your phone to remind you why you need to achieve this resolution. Keep a diary or a daily webcam video. Just do something that you feel comfortable with and this would be really helpful.

Measure Your Progress Closely

After you have created specific milestones and goals, then what you need to do next is to get positive reinforcement. Every time you check and achieve a milestone, you should mark it off, even if it is just a daily goal. A goal like "exercise 5 times a week" is good so you can just tick it off on your calendar on a daily basis. You can measure different resolutions with different methods which would help you greatly.
Pick a resolution, attain it and feel good about yourself. See you at the other side, after achieving your resolution.