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TV Buying Guide

There are thousands of TV brands and models you can choose from. Knowing which TV to buy is very important. There are some key feature one must look out for in order to get the best TV online.

Screen Size: Your Tv screen is how wide your screen display is. It is mostly determined by where you plan on placing your TV set. If you have a large room space, you can go for TV sets that are 50" above and if otherwise, you can settle for TV sets of 32".

Display Resolution: Your Tv display resolution describes how sharp the picture quality is. When selecting a TV, you must make sure the resolution is high. The higher the display resolution, the better the picture quality. Don't go below a TV with a display resolution of 1080p. Anything below this should be avoided.

Refresh Rate: This is the number of frames the TV can draw per second. It is easy to identify when choosing a TV because it is measured in Hertz. You can go for TVs that have a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz meaning your TV can draw 120 images in 1 second which is very okay for a good TV.

Ports: There are different connection ports that comes with new generation TVs. When choosing which TV to buy, make sure the TV has the necessary ports like USB ports, HDMI ports, LAN ports, and other subsequent connection ports.

Expand your Viewing Experience with Types of HD TVs in Nigeria

One of the major appliance of every home entertainment system is the TV. TVs are telecommunication devices used for transmitting sounds, images, and videos. It makes the home lively and interesting. You get to watch movies, music videos, TV programs, and more. TVs are connected to other home entertainment systems like speakers, DVDs, decoders, and so on. You want to bring that ultra-high definition viewing experience you get at the cinema to the comfort of your home, then you need an HD TV. There are several kinds of high definition television you can choose from such as LED TVs, LCD TVs, 3D TVs, Smart TVs, Plasma TVs, and Portable TV. Smart TV is any high definition (HD) television that has a built-in internet, allowing it to access a range of online services including music and video streaming, social networking and instant messaging. Some Smart tvs even feature a full web browser to allow access to most websites meaning you can surf the web with your television to download your favourite movies and songs. Smart TVs allow you stream your videos when connected to the internet and you can save the videos in the built-in storage device.

Types of Flat TV's

There are two types of flat TVs: the flat-panel and flat-screen.
Flat-panel TVs, like the LCD TVs and plasma TVs, have a slim back that allows them to be mounted on walls.
Flat-screen TVs on the other hand have a flat screen, unlike the curved ones (screen). But they sometimes still possess a bulky rear typical of CRT TVs. Some L.G and Samsung products are like this


LCD TV's makes use of a liquid-crystal display technology that gives LCD computer monitors a crisp, bright look. The light shines through every pixel, and each pixel has a green, red, and blue component. Most colors look great on LCD TVs, but due to the color combination in each pixel, it's tough to get a perfect black. Though, the color quality in newer LCD TVs has increased. Also the viewing angles have expanded. And as LCD TVs with larger screens used to be prohibitively expensive, prices are still considerable. LCD TVs are great choices for small or large screen sizes.

Plasma TV's

Plasma TVs have gas-filled cells that act with electric charges to make a burst of ultraviolet light. Plasma screens are popular for their bright original colors, especially their deep, true blacks. Plasma TVs also have a terrific wide viewing angle feature, so every match or movie seen with friends and family no matter how far and wide people sit they would be able to see every detail.

Every Moment is Worth Capturing with HD Cameras

Every moment spent with loved ones is worth having a memory of it. What better way to do this than capturing the moments with quality Cameras. You can get variety of cameras such as professional cameras, video cameras, surveillance cameras, digital cameras, and webcams. You can also get camera accessories here at the lowest prices. If you are new to photography, you can kick of your career with top quality professional cameras such as Cameo, Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, Sony, and so much more at the best prices online. Give your home and office that 24 hours protection with surveillance cameras and get real time video footage of all the activities happening around tour premises. You can also get HD webcams for all your social media calls and snapping of pictures with friends and family. Browse through our verities of HD cameras from different brands at the lowest prices.

Where to Buy Low-Priced Electronics in Nigeria

Whether you are tech savvy or you are just simply in dire need of electronics for use at your home or office, you will find an extensive range of branded and premium products here on Household appliances such as a power generator and kitchen appliances. Our array of electronic products consist of mobile gadgets, security devices, cameras, solar panels, washing machines, pressing iron, sewing machines and other appliances which help to ease your domestic and professional work. Top brands available include, Canon, Apple, Yamaha, Beat by Dre, Samsung, Sony and a plethora of others. Have every memorable moment on camera, and relive them in the future with your children with products from best brands and with competitive prices in Nigeria. Also enjoy the latest of TV technology LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. Stay connected to power supply with our durable power generators and solar panels now available. There a lot of other electronic products you can buy without having to break the bank. No doubt, electronics are not just wants but needs as they help us ease daily workload. Take for instance the washing machine, they can be very useful when laundry need arises. There are several brands here from which you can get affordable electronic products such as Sharp, Transcend, Sony, Tripplite, Phillip. Other important appliances like TV accessories such as antenna, remote controls, TV Decoder, Security camera like CCTV cameras, Home theatre system, Mp3/Mp4 players, iPod, etc. Your interest in any of these products is as good as already purchasing the items since you are guaranteed of fast delivery and favourable payment options. Positive feedbacks from buyers help us to set our targets higher so that we can give you the best customer satisfaction feeling.