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The center of every home entertainment system is the Television. The TV is a must have electronic appliance in every home. Some organizations also have TVs in their waiting room as a way to keep their waiting guests preoccupied. It is believed that entertainment is incomplete with the TV because you can connect several other electronic devices such as DVD players and recorders, sound system, speakers, decoders, and more to it.

Choosing the Right TV

There are several types of televisions available in the market and each of them have unique specifications over the other. In choosing the right television, there are certain features that can't be overlooked if you are to get the best value for your money.

Screen Size: Most of the time, it is the size of the living room that determines the screen size of the TV. If you have a very big living room, it is advisable to go for wide screen TVs from 32 inches and above.

Display Resolution: The resolution of the screen refers to the number of pixels which is measured by the width and height of the system. It is highly important to note that the higher the screen, the higher the quality of the video images produced. The higher the display resolution, the better the picture quality. Don't go below a TV with a display resolution of 1080p. You can watch high definition movies on your television without any reduction in scale of the screen.

Refresh Rate: This is the number of frames the television can draw per second. It is easy to identify when choosing a TV because it is measured in Hertz. You can go for televisions that have a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz meaning your television can draw 120 images in 1 second which is very okay for a good television.

TV types: There are basically different types of television you can choose from. These types include LED TVs, LCD TVs, Smart TVs, Plasma TVs, and 3D TVs. Each of these have advantages over the other.

Where to Buy TVs Online in Nigeria

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