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Buy or Sell cars or buses online in Nigeria

Buy and sell cars and trucks in Nigeria. If you are going to be in traffic, you should feel comfortable while in it. There are many people around you who want to sell their cars to you cheap right now. Meet them on Jumia Market. We offer unbeatable convenience for you to meet with sellers, inspect the car for sale , pay safely through our platform.
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Heavy Duty Trucks

If you are looking to buy a Toyota mini van for family use, or you want an Infinity SUV you can regularly hop in, or a Ford sedan for cab use, find the right used cars and trucks near you on Jumia Market. Brands available include Honda, Kia, Acura and Porsche. You will find hundreds of good deals for cars, motorcycles and bikes on Jumia Market Nigeria. If you are looking for used car, have a look at our selection and choose among all the brands available. Used Japanese cars are very popular, get one and feel like in a brand new car! To avoid the traffic in big cities, you can also buy a used motorcycle or a bike.