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The most amazing thing about Video games is it can be played by everyone. It is one of the fun ways to spend quality time with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Even as far as around the world when you play online. Video games go beyond trying to have fun, there is special happiness and bond it creates between people. It is always a great way to make a lot of new friends. They can be challenging especially when it comes to breaking records like high scores posted online. Also a way to share ideas with friends around the world on games or levels completed. Kids are not also left out as there is educational video games available for them to play. Educational video games help to develop the minds and intellect of kids while having fun at the same time. What better way is there to keep your kids preoccupied during their leisure period than playing video games with kids of their age group. Some of these popular video games for kids are Place spotting, Gizmos and gadgets, History of biology game, Math blaster, Inanimate alice, Number munchers, Quest atlantis, Reader rabbit, The magic school bus, Treasures of the deep, Tuxmath, Storybook weaver, Urban jungle, and more. It is important to note that there are several types of video games available depending on the console you have. There are PlayStation video games, Xbox video games, Nintendo video games, PC video games and more. Each of these consoles have dedicated games that can only be played on them. You can't play a PlayStation game on Xbox console, and likewise. You can also get games like football manager for those that keep the aspiration of managing a football club later in the future. With the latest football manager game, you can kick off your pre-management career. Football lovers are not left out either, you can go for the latest soccer game such as FIFA 17 and PES 17. Enjoy playing it on multi-player with friends and loved ones. Also for those that love racing games, get the latest car racing video games such as Grand Turismo, Need for Speed, Real Racing, Race Driver, Test Drive Unlimited, and more.

Where to Buy Latest Video Games in Nigeria

When the zeal to sit in front of your TV with group of friends and colleagues arises, there is definitely a need to purchase games that are interactive and fun. Shop on Jumia Market of the latest video games on any platform at the lowest prices in Nigeria. With our large collection of updated original games like football games such as FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Max Payne, Call of Duty (COD), Terminator, Marvel games, Devil May Cry, Grand theft auto IV, Need for speed most wanted, Star wars force unleashed, Football manager 2016, Hitman absolution, Kill zone shadow fall, Medal of honor warfighter, Batman arkham origin, and more. All these are available at affordable prices. Order yours now and pay cash on delivery.