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Vision Care Tips

Protecting the eyesight is one of the most important things a person can do to help maintain his or her quality of life. Here are some useful tips which we all will find helpful when it comes to taking care of our eyesight. We also mention some vision care products which would help you effectively make use of the tips to your advantage.

Diet: Eating meals with the right nutrient can go a long way in helping us sustain good eyesight for a very long time. Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, vitamins C and vitamin E are very important in the diet as they help ward off age-related eyesight problems especially cataracts. Therefore, we should endeavor to eat foods such as green leafy vegetables, oily fish, eggs, nuts, beans, meat protein sources, oranges and other citrus foods, etc. Endeavour to have these in your daily diets.

Sunglasses: Get the right kind of sunglasses which will protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays also known as UV rays. If the eyes are consistently exposed to UV rays, cataracts are more likely to occur. It is best to go for sunglasses which block up to 99 per cent of the rays.

Safety eyewear: People who work with hazardous or airborne materials on their jobs should wear safety glasses or protective goggles every time they are on these jobs.

Computers screens: Staring at the computer screen for a long time can cause uncomfortable issues such as eyestrain, blurry vision, trouble focusing at a distance, dry eyes, headaches, etc. For people who work where they have to sit behind the computer for a very long time, take the following steps to help protect your eyes:
• Make sure that your glasses or contact lens prescription is up to date and ok to use for your kind of job. This is for people who wear glasses normally.
• Some people may need glasses to help with contrast, glare, and eye strain when using a computer.
• Position your computer so that your eyes are level with the top of the monitor. This allows you to look slightly down at the screen.
• Try to avoid glare on your computer from windows and lights. Use an anti-glare screen if needed.
• Choose a comfortable, supportive chair. Position it so that your feet are flat on the floor.
• If your eyes are dry, blink more.
• Every 20 minutes, rest your eyes by looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds. At least every 2 hours, get up and take a 15-minute break.

Check-Up: Endeavour to visit an eye doctor regularly and get your eyes examined for any symptoms or just to know the state of your eyesight per time.

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