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Windows Phones in Nigeria

Windows phone is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft in partnership with Nokia. It is the major mobile OS that runs on the Nokia smartphone. The Windows phones are amongst the top ranking mobile smartphones in the world. Their sleek and unique user experience makes it one of the most demanded mobile OS in the world. Top brand manufacturers have also started producing smartphones that run on this mobile OS. For instance, Samsung Ativ runs on the windows phone OS. Another top brand is Huawei Ascend, which runs the mobile OS.

Windows Phones Buying Guide

With this guide, you can be sure to buy windows phone because you will be convinvced why you should go for it over other mobile OS. Popularly marketed on the Nokia lumia, you can check out important specs the windows phone offers

Operating System Version: The first OS was the windows phone 8. Early smartphones that run the mobile OS started with the version 8. The successor to that was the version 8.1 which is an upgrade to the version 8. The windows phone 8 was the first Microsoft's mobile OS to support touchscreen feature. The latest version is the windows phone 10.

Security Implemented: Everyone loves a sense of privacy when it comes to their smartphone especially when you have important files and documents on it. The windows hello is one of the most secured mobile security software. It is integrated in the windows phone 10. It gives you two options with biometric such as fingerprint scanner and facial recognition. You can also use your windows passport details to sign in to your device.

OneDrive: This is a cloud storage developed by Microsoft. It is an online storage unit that comes with all phones running the mobile OS. Similar to the iCloud storage for iOS, the OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Your files and documents are protected from any unauthorized access and hence, increases the physical storage unit on your smartphone.

Personal Assistant: The windows phone is more than just a smartphone. It is a super smartphone. Meet Cortana, Microsoft's very own online personal assistant that listens to your voice commands and executes what instruction given to it. Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant that can set reminders, answer questions regarding weather, traffic, sport scores and fixtures, surf the web automatically, and more. It is also available in several languages such as English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian.

Personalization and Customization: Windows phones give you the ability to personalize and customize your mobile phone to suit your style. The user experience is flawless giving you that maximum performance. You can rearrange your icons, change the icon picture, change tiles and colours, and so on.

Windows Store: The Windows store is also known as the app store. It is your one stop store where you download several windows apps ranging from games to social media apps. Download the latest version of twitter app on windows store. Get access to thousands of free apps on the windows store.

Where to Buy Windows Phones Online in Nigeria?

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