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Get your Casual Blazer Jackets for all Occasions

Blazers are basically like suit jackets, just with a lot less formal cutting. To the layman, a suit and a jacket could pass for the same but if you have a particular kind of setting you want to wear a jacket you're buying, then you should know the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer jacket.

Although very subtle, one major difference between these pieces of clothing mentioned above is that the suit jacket is always made of the same material as the pants. And while a suit jacket cannot be worn with anything other than the pants (anything else might be seen as a fashion blunder), you can comfortably rock your blazers with anything, be it trousers, dresses or even skirts.

Whether it is fashion, vintage or boyfriend blazers, you need to put a few things into consideration when shopping for a blazer. One particular question should be considered: do you want to wear it anytime or only when the weather is cold? How much will it cost? How easily can it be washed? If you're looking to ward off cold, a tweed blazer jacket would go a long way. Cashmere, on the other hand, can be worn even in warm weather, although it is quite expensive. Linen blazer jackets are a lot less expensive, and is wrinkle free, so they make for great options all round. If you're going for a professional look, flannel is your best option. So whether you're going for a long or cropped female blazer, keep all these things in mind, so that you don't end up shopping for something you won't love or wear.

Style your Outfit with a Fitted Blazer

A blazer pretty much fits with everything. If you're wearing a short gown on a night out, you can top it up with a blazer for when you get cold. These jackets also make a simple shirt, jeans and casual top instantly look classier without you even trying. It is even better when you wear a fitted blazer jacket with crazy jeans; they look less casual. And then, you have brightly colored blazers that bring so much life and style to an outfit. For some days, you can try for these bright colors. But if you still like to be subtle, black and white blazers aren't the only colors you can rock. You can also go for gray, cool colors. No matter what color, a blazer is a rather fashionable and important addition to any lady's wardrobe. Stay warm without being any less classy when you rock one.

Affordable and Quality Blazers Online in Nigeria

Ladies' jackets and especially, blazers are a fashion statement to be reckoned with. With one, you do not need to worry about whether your outfit is too casual for the office or too formal for a date. They bring your outfit full circle, creating the perfect blend. Buy the best quality of blazers you can buy online on Jumia Market, have your orders delivered to your doorstep and pay on delivery today. The seamless world of online shopping is now literally at your fingertips, and with our platform, it's more fun than never before.