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Dresses for Different Occasions

Different occasions call for different dress styles. For formal occasions, you will need to follow the formal rules of dressing. This also goes for semi-formal and casual occasions.

The Cocktail Dress: There are no laid down rules really, when it comes to cocktail events. The major rule of thumb here is not to be under or overdressed. Usually, women allow the theme of the cocktail event guide their dressing. The most common dresses which women wear to cocktail parties are mid-thigh to knee length dresses. They can be in any material ranging from silk to satin. This is also the best opportunity to put on your Little Black Dress(LBD).

The Dinner Party Dress: Just like the cocktail event, there are no specific dresses for dinner parties. Usually, any nice dress that isn't too dressy or trashy should go. You could throw on a knee length bodycon gown or even an office gown. What to wear greatly depends on the venue of the event and the type of people who will be present at the party.

The Job Interview Dress: These days, more ladies are beginning to wear dresses for job interview instead of the traditional skirt suits and trousers suits. Formal dresses give an aura of confidence and class. For job interviews, you can put on a knee-length formal dress in basic colours like black, navy blue, grey or brown. Be sure to 'class' it up with a pair of solid-coloured pumps.

The Wedding Guest Dress: Weddings are usually black-tie events. Although you can dress up in knee-length gowns, the perfect dress for a wedding guest will be floor-length gown. In this case, you are allowed to 'over dress' making sure to remain classy no matter how you over dress. In Nigeria, aso ebi is the norm for wedding guest dresses which is why we have a collection inspiring wedding guest dresses in ankara styles.

How to Select Dresses for Different Body Types

The Slender Body Type: This is when you have a thin body frame. A well-fitted dress will be your best bet and you can create the illusion of curves using belts around your waist. A peplum dress is also a nice choice for this body type.

The Petite Body Type: This means that you are not so tall, usually below 5ft. The best choices of dress for this body type will be an asymmetrical dress, slim fitting dresses, dresses with vertical lines and shorter dresses that show the legs. When these are worn with high heels, a petite body type will look taller.

The Pear Body Type: This means that your hips are distinctly larger than your bust. It also means that your waistline is well-defined. The best types of dresses for this body type are fitted dresses, A-line dresses and strapless dresses.

The Hourglass Body Type: This means that your bust is proportional to your hips and your waist is well-defined. The hourglass body type is curvy. Almost all dresses will look great on this body type. The best dresses for this body type are fitted dresses, wrap dresses and dresses with V-necklines and open necklines.

The Apple-shaped Body Type: This means that you carry your weight around your midsection and you have an undefined waist. The best dress types for this shape are dresses with embellished tops and A-line dresses.

The Busty Body Type: This means that your bust area is large and your hips are narrower than your bust. In this case, your waist is also not well-defined. In selecting dresses, choose dresses that draw attention away from you bust and choose dresses that help balance your upper body with your lower body.

Top Designers in Women's Dresses

There are so many high couture designers that make really nice and classy dresses for different occasions. Most of these designers also personally design for both local and international celebrities. At Jumia Market, you will find a range of dresses from top designers NACK, Michael Kors, Valentino, Versace, Victoria Beckham, Atmosphere, Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino, Dorothy Perkins, Elizabeth Taylor, Zara and many more.