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Women’s Eastern Wears

Women from the Middle Eastern part of the world have a unique dress code. Moreover, these styles of dressing are also applicable to Muslim women all over the world. The hijab is one of the most popular women’s wear of Middle Eastern women and Muslim women in general. A hijab is the traditional covering for the hair and neck that is worn by Muslim women. It is commonly found in predominant Muslim societies. The Qur'an states that women should dress modestly in the presence of men who are not direct family members and this is why a lot of these women partake in the hijab style.

Types of Women’s Eastern Wears

Hijab: This is the most common type of headscarf worn by Eastern and Muslim women. It is a headscarf that covers the head and neck, but leaves the face clear. The scarves come in many different shades and shapes and are often colour co-ordinated with women's outfits.

Niqab: This is a combination of a head covering and scarf that covers all of a woman's face except for her eyes. It usually flows down to the mid-back to cover a woman's hair, and may flow down to the mid-chest in the front. It is most often worn in Arab countries, but an increasing number of Muslim women in other parts of the world are choosing to wear it.

Burqa: A burqa is a clothing item which covers the whole body from the top of the head to the ground. It is the most concealing of all Islamic veils; it covers the entire face and the body. It also covers the eyes although the part covering the eyes come with a mesh material to allow the wear see through it.

Chador: This is a body-length outer garment which is usually black in colour and it is worn mainly by women in Iran. It is not secured at the front by buttons or clasps, so the woman has to hold it closed.

Jilbab: These are long, loosely fitted garments worn by Muslim women to cover the shape of their bodies. They are often worn in combination with the hijab or niqab. The jilbab can also be called abaya.

Reasons for Wearing the Hijab

• Some women wear the hijab because they believe that God has instructed women to wear it as a means of fulfilling His commandment for modesty.
• Some women believe that wearing hijab is a personal choice that is made after puberty and is intended to reflect one’s personal devotion to God.
• Some women wear the hijab as a means of visibly expressing their Muslim identity.
• Some Middle Eastern women wear the hijab as an expression of their cultural identity.

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