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Ladies Fashion Products Every Woman Should Have

When it comes to fashion, the list of things to talk about is endless. Fashion encompasses clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and even hair. Some people might say that keeping up with the new fashion trends that pop up every day is difficult, but true lovers of fashion find this fun and interesting.

Fashion spans across even more than the normal everyday shoes and bags. We have styles that were worn from way back, like the overalls, suspenders and leggings, being evolved slightly and brought into our own time. And then, there are some of these trends that never went anywhere.

Being a lover of all things fashion, it is necessary to know how to take care of your items so that you can maximize their lifespan, and enjoy every time you wear them. If you are a collector of shoes, you should have a shoe rack where you can keep your shoes or small bags where you can put them in. if you have a lot of bags, you can also keep them on racks or in bags to save them from peeling. Also, clothes should be put up on hangers or folded and put in closets.

Fashion accessories are pieces used to complement outfits and cannot be excluded from fashion. They can be worn or carried. Handbags, wallets, fans and the likes are examples of those designed to be carried while scarves, hats, shawls and belts are made for wearing. Jumia Market offer an assortment of fashion accessories for every woman. All are available in the latest trends.

Make your Wardrobe a Classic One with the Hottest Fashion Items

As a lady, there are just some fashion necessities that should not be overlooked, especially if you're a stylish and classy one. Yes, you need basic clothes for your day to day activities, but then for occasions like parties, work and events, you need women's dresses, shoes, bags and accessories like jewelry, scarves, necklaces, belts, and even sunglasses sometimes.

There are a wide range of women's apparel and there is no lady who shouldn't have essential clothes for women like skirts, tops, gowns and the occasional jeans. Talking about shoes, it is also important to have one or two high heels in your closet, and also flats and slippers for those casual days. Bags, clutch purses and wallets for the days you don't want to carry a handbag are also necessary. Also, do not forget the lingerie and underwear because after all, a lady also needs those. Add some fancy patterned scarves, designer sunglasses and hair accessories, and you have a very complete and trendy wardrobe.

Ladies Fashion Brands to Get the Best From

Quality is a way of life for most people, who like to get the best of what they want. And with fashion, getting the best is the only way. And talking about the best, brands like Burberry, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Armani and Forever 21 to mention a few are steady wowing us with new trends and styles.

When you need an easy way to buy all the fashion products you need, shop on Jumia Market. With the amount of products from different brands and sellers we bring across to you on our platform, you can make great purchases because it is easy to compare prices and pick the best that suits you. We bring what you need to your doorstep without you having to stress yourself. Shop online today with the no 1 online marketplace in Nigeria and get the awesome feel of buying quality with ease.

Women's Fashion Tips to Follow

In order to achieve a great personal style which portrays your personality, here are essential fashion tips to follow. The first is to effectively organize your wardrobe. This way, you can easily combine stylish outfits and feel new in older clothes. Also, determine the best colours that complement your skin type. Dressing with this in mind will definitely make you glow. Another tip is to always dress your body figure. Whether you are pear shaped, straight, and curvy or whatever body figure you have, dressing to fit your body type is a great way to look chic and attractive. Moreover, to make sure that you always look smart, investing in a quality iron won't be such a bad idea. Get irons that are tough enough to straighten the most stubborn creases but gentle enough to iron delicate fabrics. Also, get basic fashion items for your wardrobe. Get wardrobe essentials like white and black blouses, the LBD (Little Black Dress), a pair of high heels, red lipstick, a pair of dark-washed blue jeans, a classic white shirt, a black tailored blazer, a cute pair of ballet flats, etc. All these fashion items are timeless, so investing in them will be a great choice to make.

How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Taking proper care of our clothes will help them last much longer. Here are some tips on making your clothes more durable. When washing, make sure to sort your clothes properly by separating dark colour clothes from lighter ones and separate heavily soiled garments from less soiled garments. To increase the lifespan of your jeans, try washing them inside out. This will also prevent the colours from fading too quickly. Apart from underwears, you don't have to wash all your clothes immediately after wearing. Most clothes can be worn twice and some even thrice before wearing. This is because the more you wash clothes, the more the fade. Also, you should rotate your clothes. Wearing the same set of clothes over and over again will make them wear out more quickly. Moreover, don't keep suits in plastic dry cleaning covers because these covers harbor heat and moisture which isn't good for your garments. Only use cloth covers to store your clothes. After washing your clothes, it is more advisable to dry whites outside and dry darker colours indoors because sunlight can lighten or fade dark clothes. Make sure to regularly waterproof your leather accessories like belts, bags, shoes, etc to prevent damage.