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Trendy Flip-Flops for Women

You need to learn a few basics before buying flip flops. First thing is that since you wear flip flops mostly in summer so you should mostly opt for bright colours. You can also opt for floral designs that are a great hit among women. If you are someone who is going for college or school, you can go for loud prints and designs on the flip flops, however if you are above forty and do not wish to look like some school girl, you can opt for subtle prints. Gladiators are another favourite of women this summer since summers give us the liberty of walking without the urgent need of covering our feet, so we can always experiment with the shoes like this. There is a great market for shoes online. On Jumia Market Nigeria, we have a lot of brands and designs to choose from where when you will start shopping, you will never feel like giving up, along with that on Jumia Market Nigeria, we serve a lot of options for ladies shoes so you can also check party wear shoes like heels and all. But coming back to flip flops, you should always try them in Summers, even if you have never worn one yet, buy yourself a par because these are the only variety of shoes that give comfort along with style and when it comes to style Nigerian woman have always topped the charts.

Another thing you should know before buying flip flops is to know about the quality so always buy it from a trusted name as we strongly believe as wearing them for the first time and then getting them broken in the middle of the road will be the last thing that you would want. And the last thing that you should know before buying flips flops is that no matter how subtle the colour and design of your flip flops are, you must never team them up with formals, flip flops work their way out with anything (well, almost!) but you can never team them up with formals, you can even wear them with dresses but never wear them with formals or long gowns. Along with that, the plus point of flip flops is that you can wear them at home the whole day and step out without bothering to change them at all.

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Jumia Market Nigeria is one of the most trusted online places in Nigeria, doesn't matter if you have to buy Gladiator sandals, designer shoes or flip flops, you can always rely on us because we have the best of everything. Other than that, we stock quality products only, hence our products are always up to the minute and are always upgraded according to fashion trends since we have always strived for ultimate customers satisfaction. We also have great fashion analysts in our team who always work hard to make our collection the most upgraded when it comes to fashion. So the next time when you have to buy shoes for women, no matter what type or if you are getting them to yourself or buying them to gift someone else, you can simply log in to our website and place and order. The seller will contact you at your preferred time and the rest is super easy! One of the most versatile types of footwear available on the market no matter what the weather, the ever popular flip-flops. Although many people think of them as only suitable for summer fun and beachwear. Many people wear them in their homes in place of slippers to keep their feet clean, cushioned and aired. Combined with shorts, jeans, a skirt or a bikini, flip-flops for women are an ideal year round wardrobe necessity. These thongs are an easy choice of footwear and are a casual, up to the minute option to replace everyday shoes.