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When defined in simple terms, lingerie could be said to be underwear or nightclothes, for women. Worn for different reasons, one thing is very common with the different types of lingerie available today; they have a way of making a woman feel powerful and beautiful. It is often said that the kind of underwear a woman wears, just like her clothes, can help boost her confidence, especially when she is around humans of the opposite sex. This is not far from the truth.

Women wear lingerie for a whole lot of different reasons, some of which include:

To feel confident: yes, believe it or not, but one of the many reasons to wear good underwear is the confidence it gives you. You know that heady sensation you feel when someone compliments your dresses or asks what perfume you use? Even without another person knowing exactly what you're wearing on the inside, you still get the same confidence when you use great lingerie.
• To enhance one's figure: wearing some kind of lingerie, like modern day, healthier corsets helps to improve the shape of the body by cinching the waist area to give a full hour glass figure. This means you can even get away with some clothes you didn't think possible before.
• To keep the passion in your relationship on full throttle: going out of your way to look good for your partner is one way to keep the fire in your relationship going. It does not necessarily have to be an everyday thing, but spicing up the bedroom once in a while with these underwear is a very good thing.

There are many types of lingerie, so much that it is almost impossible to list all. But some of the ones we must know include:

• Bra: a bra is worn with the basic purpose of supporting the breasts, after which you can talk about how beautiful your bras should look. There are also different types and while their uses might slightly vary, at the end of the day, they are worn for the same purpose as mentioned earlier. Some of the types include full coverage, demi cup, nursing, push-up and strapless bras.
• Panties: panties are worn for a variety of reasons, like modesty and hygienic purposes. Just like the bras, they also have different types but all with one major purpose. Popular types include G-strings, thongs high cut and bikini panties.
Corsets: corsets are fitted around the waist with the aid of hooks, laces or zippers, from just beneath the bust to hip level. They are worn to reduce the size of the waist and give the body a somewhat hour glass shape.
• Garter belts: used in the 1930's to store things like a purse by women, garter belts have transcended into a fashion piece that are used to keep up stockings or socks worn by women.
Bustier: this is kind of like a bra, but instead of the normal bras we know, it is super long and tight, fitted from the cup area down to the waist.

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