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Every day, fashion and fashion items take a new trend or turn that creates new fashion ideas, sometimes with something that has been in vogue before. There are clothing that have been worn in the earlier times by our ancestors that have made their way back into our time and are a huge part of the trends these days. One of these kind of fashion items is the overalls.

Overalls originated in the 18th century and were initially called 'slops'. Basically, they were mainly worn by the lower class and by the 1850, they had evolved into the single piece worn over other clothing that they are known as today. Overalls were used by industries for their workers and with time, the colors became standardized. White overalls were worn by painters, blue by workers and striped patterns were for railroad workers.

By the 20th century, women started wearing overalls, mostly actresses and women who worked in factories and by the 1960s, they became a popular item that have stayed with us till date.

Although there are different types of overalls, there is one particular design used to describe overalls; the bib design. They consist of a pair of trousers with a patch of material in front of them. The materials the stomach and most of the chest. Also, the back of the trousers have another material attached that resembles the back of a vest. This piece has a pair of straps that go over the shoulders and attach to the patch of material at the front. Overall straps can have buttons, snaps or buckles, which are the most common type of closure.

The different types of overalls include;

• Classic overalls: these are denims shortalls in light blue color. They go well with fitted tees.
• Modern overalls: these are dark denim skirtall overalls. Shirts with bold colors or prints on them would go very well with them. The shirt should not be too loose.
• Country overalls: these are denim overalls in any color of blue. They can be paired with button up plaid shirts, with the top button open for a feminine touch.

When buying women's overalls, one of the things one needs to consider is the material. Although most overalls are made with denim material, over time, other materials have been tried and proven good enough. Nowadays, you can find overalls in cotton and synthetic materials. Overalls made in these other materials can also be referred to as jumpsuits. Also, the different styles have been mentioned above so one can easily pick a style that suits her personality, and paired with the right fashion accessories, make a perfect ensemble.

Lastly, the fit of the clothes is also important to know. Traditional overalls are often loose and baggy while modern overalls are slimmer and accentuate the body.

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