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Women's Shapewear

Women's shapewear are tight garment designed to be worn under cloth to smoothen and shape the body. They are also called shape wear or trimmers and use extra spandex to tuck in and push up body parts. In a nutshell, they are designed to for reshaping women's body as well as hide parts that women are not happy to flaunt.

A body shaper can flatten the stomach, reduce thighs size, hides unwanted flesh, push up burst as well as give you a.

The first shapewear was called corset and was worn in ancient times. The popular version was designed in the 16 century and come in different length (cannot be longer than from the pelvis to the chest) and styles. Some even had sleeves. The corset of this period were made from whale bones and laced. Body shaper has evolved to modern taste.

Women's shapewear comes in different types some of which are mid high waist shaper, slimming panty or cami, body suit, girdle, corset, and more.

Mid-thigh waist shaper: Also known as spanxs, this high waist boyshort that starts from mid-thigh to above the waist is great for women who want to hide their lower bodies. It is also available in lower-waisted boyshorts.

Slimming Panties: Sometimes called compression panties, they are like regular underwear and are more comfortable than waist trainers. The make your stomach appears smaller but does not make it smaller in size or shape the thighs. This is quite a popular everyday undergarment.

Slimming Camisole: This type of body shaper is like the slimming panties but it only shapes the upper body.

Body Suit: This is a combination of a mid-high waist shaper and a slimming camisole. It squeezes both the upper and lower body. It gives you a smooth torso.

Girdle: A girdle is designed for the waist and belly. They often feel very tight and are not best for everyday wear.

Corset: As earlier mentioned; corset was the first women shapewear and are designed to cover the hips, waist and torso. Some are designed to reach the bustline which supports and shapes the bust. Original corsets are made from steel. Corset actually shape the body and worn continuously so as to achieve the desired effect.

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