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Wallets are mini handbags, when you think about it closely. When a wallet can accommodate every necessity you need at a particular time, then there isn't exactly any need for a handbag. A wallet usually has enough space to accommodate money, keys, ID cards and ATM cards. And even when women carry their handbags, they usually have wallets in their bags, where they keep these things for better organization and reach. A woman's bag could be really big and just dropping keys or cards in them might not be advisable, because finding them when you need them could be time wasting and stressful.

Buying a wallet might take more than just knowing what color or brand you want. Have you thought about the different kinds of wallets there are and what they are used for? Here are a few:

Clutch wallets: these are purses that can be held in one hand.
• ID wallet: these wallets are used to hold ID cards, credit cards, and cards in general.
• Opera wallet: a flat, hard cased wallet that snaps shut.
Wristlet: these kinds of wallets have a strap that you can hold onto on put on your wrist.
• Envelope wallet: these wallets are rectangular in shape and look a lot like business envelopes.
Ankara wallets: these wallets are becoming a trend in African fashion. Often envelope shaped, can be made with full african print material or a blend of ankara and other purse friendly materials.
Coin wallets: like the name implies, these wallets are used majorly for holding coins.

There are a lot more of styles of women's wallets, the list is endless. But depending on the size and what you want to use it for, you have to know exactly what kind you're going for. Closures should also be considered, especially because of the level of security they bring. Closures include locks, magnets, zippers and snaps.

Another thing that should be considered when buying a wallet is the durability of the material it is made with. Most wallets for women are made with leather, but you can find some made in fabric, aluminum, nylon, polyester or have a metallic frame. Ideally, the idea is buying a wallet that would last over a long period of time, so materials that are durable and can stand folding and unfolding, or opening and closing should be considered.

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Everyone likes to be associated with class and unique style. And because wallets are a huge part of our identity (some of your most important things go in it), are carried about with us everywhere we go and especially, should last really long, buying quality wallets should be paramount. Fashion brands like Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Versace have mastered the art of combining class, style and new trends to produce wallets and purses to die for.

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