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Xbox One versus PlayStation 4: Battle of the Gaming Consoles

Gaming enthusiasts in Nigeria often compare the features of one gaming console with another and also especially read reviews before making a purchase decision, except for a few staunch brand loyalists.

For instance, for a gamer who already has the PS 2 and also bought the PS3 when it was released into the market, he has the tendency to desire the all-new PlayStation 4 – with or without the reviews of the product.

Below, find the comparison beween specs of each product:

Sony PlayStation 4 Microsoft Xbox ONE


AMD Jaguar

AMD Jaguar


AMD Radeon

AMD Radeon

Game DVR






Number of Cores



Storage Space


500GB built-in HDD

Cloud Storage



External Storage


Yes via USB

Backwards Compatibility



4K Video Support



Stereoscpic 3D



Notable Ports

HDMI in/out, Analog-AV out, Optical out

HDMI in/out, Optical out

Optical Drive





Updated Xbox LIVE

Video Chat

Yes, cross-game chat infrastructure

Yes, Skype


Bluetooth 2.1

Bluetooth 2.1


802.11 b/g/n

802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct


USB 3.0

USB 3.0


Yes, Gigabit

Yes, Gigabit

Online Multiplayer

Yes, PSN

Yes, Xbox LIVE

Motion Control

Yes, Eye + Move

Yes, Kinect 2

Camera Resolution

PS Eye, 1280x800

Kinect 2, 1080p

Second Screen

PS Vita


Voice Control

Yes (limited)

Yes (enhanced)




Available since

December 2013

December 2013

But for first time buyers, reviews are laden with useful information that will help shape the purchase decision of the potential buyer. Thankfully there are online stores from where prices and features of these products can be easily found and compared and there are also customer reviews to help. You can buy your choice of console from the online shopping portals such as Konga, Jumia, PayPorte and many others. Also if you are looking for cheap ones or fairly used PS 3 or wish you trade your old PS console for a new PS 4, you can buy or sell on Jumia Market online marketplace.

Since the year of the releases of the Play station 4 and Xbox One Console, a lot of has changed, ranging from the release of different console-compatible games, patches, updates and more.

Unique features shared between Xbox & PS4:

  • Capacity to take screenshots
  • Gameplay recording
  • Paid Memberships to play games online
  • Free monthly Games
  • Multiplatform Games


Weighing over 3.18kg, the Microsoft Xbox One game which is bigger than its predecessor, the Xbox 360, is also larger than the Sony PlayStation 4 by a wide margin. Even though both consoles share that the masculine frame that characterizes gaming consoles, PS4 appears to be lighter, slimmer and well crafted as opposed the than Xbox One which is 0.38kg weightier than the 2.8kg PS Console.


Talking about performance, let us combine graphics, memory capacity and processor strength. Perhaps the main reason for deciding which console is right for you, the performance of your console is the heart of the gaming experience and should never be overlooked during the decision making process.


Both gaming systems rely on the powerfully-built Jaguar 8-core AMD processor and also share the APU feature which facilitates the bridging of the CPU and GPU. However, they run at varied processor speed levels for while the Xbox One hits 1.75GHZ, the PS 4 does 1.6GHZ albeit this is not to say the Xbox 1 is more powerful since it is the strength of the GPU that counts – unfortunately for Xbox, PS4's engine is a no match for the Microsoft-designed gaming console. Little wonder PlayStation 4 pre-orders sold out ahead of the Xbox's.

With a GPU speed of 1,152MHZ against Xbox's 853MHZ, it will be clearly untrue to place the Xbox One over PS4 console in performance.


As for memory, the XBOX shares similar feature with the PS4 with an 8GB memory capacity Radeon HD 7000-series but beaten twice, the Xbox still lag behind in RAM type as the PS4 rides on a superior RAM model – the GDDR5 RAM which is by far superior to One's DDR3 RAM. However the Xbox has a consolatory feature which is the 32MB eSRAM.


For a smooth gaming experience, powerful graphics hardware works best. With an notable output resolution, the PS4 beats its counterpart to it this time again with an impressive graphics quality that would make game developer interested in developing more games for the PlayStation than the Xbox. For this reason among many other reasons, more persons gravitate towards the PS4 than the Xbox.


The Microsoft Xbox has more ports than the PS4. Perhaps this is the winning edge feature of Xbox. While the PS 4 has two USB ports, Aux, Power, Ethernet , Optical Out and HDMI ports only, with some few buttons such as the power ON and eject buttons. On the other hand, Xbox has varied ports and buttons for different purposes such as power and disk disc button at the front, USB ports that charge controllers especially if you have the play and charge kit. Other port that gives the Xbox an edge over the PS4 includes the Kinect port, IR, Lock and Ethernet port. The unique lock feature allows a user to connect a laptop computer to lock the console from unauthorised use.


PS 4 Dualshock OR Xbox One Pad: Which works best?

For the Xbox One wireless controller, it is only a little different from that of the Xbox 360 unlike the PS 4 Dualshock that has a fresh design. With amazing features such as the –in-built triggers that players get from shooting and racing games, that feeling that heightens the adrenaline is what a gamer experiences during game play But for the fact that the Xbox pad still runs on batteries that are not rechargeable, it still sustains longer playtime than the PS 4 controller whose batteries can be recharged. For DualShock controllers, they are a major improved over previous generations such as DualShock 3 and 2 for the fact that DualShock 4 has an all-round feel that is firmer and play-ready even for the most sensitive game console critic.

Operating Software and Interface

The interface of the Xbox software should come as no surprise to gamers since the console is a Microsoft product. Microsoft mobile devices and computers that run on Win 8 OS share a particular interface that looks very much like check design. The Xbox has this type of interface. For most people, it is a little complicated to run at first. Nonetheless, those that are familiar with the Windows 8 PC software should be able to easily run the Xbox software. PS4 software on the other hand is more intuitive and user friendly and you can easily access recently used applications and also navigate across the platform conveniently. Thus for ease of navigation and use, it is fairly better than the Xbox UI.


As the fight to grab the top spot as the best new generation gaming console thickens, the gamers communities across the world cannot but wait to see the battle for supremacy. Just like a two-party political system, the attention of the world of gamers continuously drifts majorly towards Sony PlayStation and Microsoft generation of games consoles. From my review of the Xbox One and PS 4 consoles, it is clear that the PS 4 wins especially for performance. For while Xbox is social feature-rich with its array of social apps such as friends' suggestions and Skype, the PS4 attention paid attention to functionality and performance.